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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another way to contribute to Learning Programming!!

The CodeSpells team has been working really hard on making a second level with more quests as well as a Windows and possibly a Linux version, but in the meantime we wanted to make you all aware of an amazing project that some young programmers have begun!

Students of ThoughtSTEM, a San Diego STEM education company, have designed and prototyped incredible, gun-less, laser-tag equipment and need YOUR help to get it off to a running start through Kickstarter!

They are almost 25% funded but have a long way to go! You should check out the details on their Kickstarter page!!!!

But for a short preview, here is their KickStarter video!


  1. My name is Demetrius Bowser and I was wondering when will a version of CodeSpells be out for PC?

  2. Hi!

    There will be a PC version available in the next month or so :)